It's my birthday so I'll have a huge giveaway!

Hi y'all!

Happy birthday to me today!!! I am so excited! When I started putting this giveaway together my husband asked "will you get all these things?" Kyle, to answer your question: no, my lovely readers will. Then I couldn't decide if one winner should take all, or have 20 separate winners. Then I pictured 20 different smiles and happy emails, so I went with the quantity because either way they're getting quality. Well played with my words there Nicholl, well played. Well, here are these very generous, very beautiful ladies! Good luck :) 

blog - giving away neon pink infinity scarf from Gap!

Blog- giving away $25 to Target

Blog - giving away $20 to Target AND $20 Visa or Mastercard

Blog - giving away this bracelet!

blog- giving large ad space for 45 days

blog- fuzzy socks/ $10 to Target

blog - $25 to Starbucks

Blog - giving away $10 to Target

Blog - $25 to Ulta

blog- 3 fancy nailpolishes

Blog - giving away custom embroidery hoop/ 2 months ad space

Blog - two months ad space

instagram - giving away this gorgeous bow ring

Blog- custom post signature for your blog

blog- giving away grandma's guac recipe straight from Mexico! 

Blog - giving away set of 3 hair bows. CUTE!!

blog- tribal necklace

Facebook page - hobo inspired tote (all proceeds to cancer from her cancer survivor baby)

blog- giving away $25 to Target or Sephora, winner's choice! 

So many awesome prizes! 

Happy Wednesday! xo

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  1. Happy Birthday special girl! I hope it is a wonderful day, just as you deserve x

  2. hi and happy birthday! is this open to US residents only?

  3. oh my goodness- my birthday was yesterday! have a happy birthday lady! December birthdays are the best ones ;)

  4. Wow this is a huge giveaway!!! Happy Birthday. I hope it's great!

  5. Happy Birthday girl! What an awesome way to celebrate-- thanks for hosting! :) Hope today is awesome for you!!!

  6. Happy Birthdday, great giveaway!

  7. Happy birthday! I hope your day totally ROCKS!

  8. Happy birthday, Nicholl!! Thanks for inviting me to be a part of the giveaway... there's some amazing stuff there!

  9. Happy, happy birthday, girl! I hope you have a fantastic week and weekend of celebration and relaxation. (You can have both, right? ;))

  10. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  11. Happy birthday beautiful! Hope it is amazing! xo

  12. Happy birthday!! So happy to be a part of this awesome giveaway!

  13. Happy Birthday :) May you have many more. It's great giveaway ^_^

  14. happy birthday! =)

    Hi sweetie, btw followed your blog. I hope you follow back! Thanks!

  15. Happy Birthday!!!! All my GFC's are under Sandy M.

  16. Happy Birthday!!! Super cute blog. Followed! Found your blog via Yours Truly

    Summer x


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