I have a dream...

Did I surprise you with my very inspired title? 

To preface what I'm about to say, allow me to share that over the weekend, after getting an email from Lissa telling me she often looks back on one of the few thoughtful posts I've ever written, and reading this post from Casey, I felt I should, and could be more open about my beliefs and thoughts on this blog. I am sometimes afraid of sharing too much, boring you to death, or annoying you with what I believe in. But then that doesn't leave me much room to be myself and share the good, the ugly, and the real. I need to be bolder and realize that it is better to have a few followers who might get something out of this little piece of internet, than a lot who don't know who I really am. I am especially fond of blogs who let us into a little of all aspects of their lives. I mean, what do we watch the Kardashians for?
Over the weekend I spent some time with my wonderful friend, Sheila. We got to talking about something I am not necessarily comfortable talking about. She asked me what I thought about dreams. Not the unconscious type. The type that are supposed to make you very conscious and inspired. I say I am uncomfortable talking about this, simply because I don't know a lot about dreaming. I really don't have any majestic dream that I'm anxiously waiting on to happen. You see, part of me thinks that's lack of motivation, but part of me knows that whatever God has planned for my life will just happen. However, with that thought comes the not knowing where the line is between faith, waiting, and doing. So, we all know sometimes its just easier to ignore some subjects. Until someone brings them up and puts you on the spot. High five for awkwardness. 
To answer her more-profound-than-I-prefer question, I just said exactly what I knew. I said I think God has a plan that is filled with opportunities that come in due time, but what bothered me about the incompleteness of that, is the "what are you supposed to do in the meantime?"...I also think that people who do have dreams of doing this, or becoming that and are working towards those things are amazing. But if there is anyone else out there who is not sure where they fit in, what their purpose really is, or have no defined dreams, here is an understanding head nod coming your way. 
I am happy. Content. I love where my life is right now and the people in it. But I would be lying if I said I don't often silently worry and think about what I'm really supposed to be doing. What role I should be fulfilling. I want to live a life full of purpose, to wake up and be passionate about my work that day. And that is not a place where I can say I am at now. 
So while I believe that God has something specific for me, and for each person to fulfill, I also wish I had something to be passionate and dream about. And I also believe it will come in time. But in the mean time, I wonder if I there are steps I could take. 
After saying all this to my friend, she responded with the uttermost wisdom. She said she thinks dreams are just goals. And they are overrated. Yes, some people have big dreams, but a lot of times they are setting themselves up for disappointment. Dreams should be goals that you achieve and receive a sense of accomplishment for them. Dreams and purpose are two different things. Purpose is God-given and specific to you as an individual. Dreams are goals you set for yourself. 
She then challenged me to make a chart she likes to call "mind, body, soul chart" where you give yourself goals to improve your mind, body and soul over the course of a year. Small and big things, but mainly realistic ones that you can dream of and realize. 
I hesitantly sat down and thought. It took me forever to come up with stuff. But then I did. And there was such empowerment  in writing these goals down. Small and doable, just how I want them to be. And hopefully, a year from now, I can say I accomplished many dreams. It may sound silly, but its sillier to not have a vision for a better you. 
Some of the things on my chart included: 
  • Write a story
  • Take LSAT prep course
  • Make Kyle lunch for work every day for one week
  • Read five books
  • Go camping
  • Go to a blogging conference and meet bloggers
  • Do yoga once a week for a month
  • Visit a nursing home at least once a month
  • Go to France or Italy 
  • Go to NYC during December
  • Pay for someone's Starbucks behind me
  • Send someone random a present 
  • Play in snow

I encourage all of you to make one of these. There is power in writing things down, and confidence in accomplishing them. And dream people, don't waste your days. And pretend I'm Martin Luther King Jr.



  1. What a great post! And I have always wanted to go to NYC in December too. My husband and I were just talking about that dream of mine yesterday.

  2. A lovely list! About the lunch thing - I wrote a post about making my husband's lunch called "The Lesson Of The Lunchbox", you might want to check it out- at the least it might make you smile!
    ~Dawn @Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith

  3. you're welcome here in wisconsin any time.
    there should be plenty of snow here for you soon enough.

  4. This is so inspiring! My roommates and I have decided to do this in our own lives! Thank you for sharing this.

    Also, my friend Krissy had a little bit of a revelation about God's plan for our lives. Think of it this way: our lives are like one giant storyboard (as if they were a movie or something along those lines) that we just can't see yet. All we see is the "now" and that seems SO important, but God is up in Heaven thinking "Noooo just wait and see what's coming!". So maybe we shouldn't focus so much and stress like crazy about what's happening currently, and instead just live for the Glory of God. :) Thinking about that has helped me, at least. Love you girl!


  5. This is a great post! I completely agree with making a chart or list of items that are either important to you or things you would like to accomplish. I think it gives you something to look forward to doing. I believe we should do things that not only make others happy and proud to have us in their lives, but things that make us proud of ourselves for taking that extra step in life.
    Life is too short for shoulda, coulda, woulda. Grab the bull by the horns and ride!


  6. Such an amazing post! Thanks for the Tuesday motivation, I love the concept of dreams as goals. I also really enjoyed reading your list because so many of them are simple things (like buying someone's starbucks) that could be done randomly while you're in the drive thru one rainy day. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  7. Adorable post, my love. First time to see your blog and what a wonderful post to start with! :)

  8. Writing things down definitely makes me want to accomplish something even more. I think I will have to make my own chart. I'll share with you when I'm done :-) Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I liked this post. I love when bloggers get personal and share their beliefs. Sometimes it can be scary but I always admire when people are genuine. :o)

  10. I love these posts too! I agree with you, I am the same. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. I don´t really have major goals to follow! :) I love the idea of paying for the Starbucks for another person too, maybe I should do a list too! :)

  11. I really enjoy these posts from you as well. I think that if you write things down, you set yourself in the framework and the mindset to actually do something about them. You don't need to have big dreams to do great things. I think that you just need to set your mind to whatever it is you want to do and it's up to you if it's something great.

  12. What a beautiful and inspiring post. LOVE IT!

  13. you have a beautiful heart, nicholl. don't hide it! :) i am so inspired by your thoughts. love to you!

  14. what great dreams/ goals i think they are all do-able and this sounds like a great idea

  15. Love this post!!! First time on your blog. Was definitely nodding along as you listed off the whole 'not sure where you fit and what's your thing' bit. Love the practically of the mind, body soul chart as. Shall certainly do mine so help me God.


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