a leathered walk..

                  Shirt:  Sheinside / Skirt: Genesis / Shoes: F21 / jewelry: F21 - watch: Michele

Took a little stroll down Lincoln Road, my favorite street in Miami. It's filled with shopping and restaurants. I'd compare it to Time Square, but tropical. Recently read in a magazine that it's also Kourtney Kardashian's favorite Miami spot. Don't you hate it when celebrities try to be just like you? ;) 

Have a fabulous Thursday! 


Neon for Thanksgiving

Shirt: BCBG / Skirt: F21 / Shoes: F21 / Bag: Grateful bags
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We celebrated away from family, at our friends' and had a great time. We (not we, if you know what I'm saying...) fried a turkey cajun style, and contributed a sweet potato marshmallow casserole. Then, we played a very intense game of Cranium, in which our group of 25 decided I'm just about the smartest Cranium player out there, said nobody. 
And then, on Black Friday..(who are we lying to here? Black Friday was on Thursday this year at 9pm) I went hog wild. This is like.....my day. I realize that some of you haters out there may say Black Friday is stupid and you Ebay folk will claim you probably find better deals any other day of the year...stop it. Despite the arguments (some valid, some not) I am a believer. I stayed out all night Thursday, and all day Friday. 24 hours. I bought everyone's gifts, hurt my shoulders from carrying so much (real talk) and was on cloud 9. 
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