Hi ya'll, hope your week has been going smoothly thus far, and if not, then I hope it turns around and you have lots to smile about!

This week I am loving:

This little love Amanda from For Love of a Cupcake sent me, just to make my day! And it made my week! It's an elephant, and ya'll know I adore elephants, and it's mint. How much better can arm candy get? Visit her shop chloevstank at etsy for more of this amazing stuff! 

I love this outfit. 

I am recreating it from my closet like this:

This is so cute! I want it but I'm too scared it'll hurt!

I should not be amused by this. Cannibalism is NOT cool, but this is so funny. I can't pass up a good laugh..

I love this! I think people with an always positive, always believing attitude attract wonderful things to themselves.

Making yogurt chips! How fun is this to use with fruit salads, or as a snack.
This Tory Burch beauty is hollering my name.

Monogrammed kick this week:

I'm ordering this for our house! 

And this curtain..and now I'll stop. I think the whole monogrammed craze has got to be a southern thing.

I love this closet space! In our home thats being built right now, we are using a bedroom as my closet, and I'm getting ideas on how to design it :) Nothing can make a girl happier..

And this lovely blouse I have my eye on for only $23 here

Be blessed this Wednesday! 



  1. Monogrammed items, mint & bracelets - my favorites! Great job recreating that lovely outfit!

  2. I love that piercing. I have thought about getting it but yea i am nervous about it hurting and the healing time...so idk

  3. Yogurt chips is such a good idea! :) The bracelet with the elephant is too cute :)

    I'm having a $50 Shabby Apple Gift Card Giveaway on my blog!

  4. Holy pretty overload! First, what a nice gift from your blog pal. So sweet!

    Second, love that outfit and you're version. The bright bag is so fab too.

    Those bracelets? Gah! Love.

    And yogurt chips? Will have to try!

  5. Loving all of the accessories in this post! And what a sweet surprise...blog friends are awesome!

  6. Haha that picture of the puppies kills me! Too good!

  7. I love the elephant bracelet! I also took a peek at your wedding photos, I love your dress and the bridesmaid dresses! :)

    Megan :)

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm glad you liked my list from the Sunday Social Link-Up. Come back anytime! You have a cute little blog :)


  9. Looking at the picture of those puppies, I think will be the only time I see something with the headline 'bath salts' and think its cute. I would grab that blouse up! New Follower :)


  10. thanks for your comment on my blog! i LOVE yours!! im your newest follower!! haha would love it if you would follow mine as well! Love your sense of style!

  11. Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

    OMG I love that closet and the Tory Burch bracelet is beautiful!


  12. Loving the shower curtain! And OMG you are seriously using a bedroom as an entire closet?!? I am jealous!! :) And you have a rock star hubby! :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  13. I love those bracelets and that monogram!! Where are your bangles from? And that monogram tag? LOVE!! And that leopard skirt from your closet is awesome!

  14. Love your list - I am going to have to try some yougurt chips.... Have a great week! Thanks for stoping by my blog.....

  15. TY for visiting Sugar in My Grits. LOVE the elephant bracelet :D Super cute! Also, the piercing for that earring does hurt a smidge but not for long (as long as you remember not to answer the phone on that side for a few days. hehe). I had my ear pierced there before but it has since grown up. Thinking about getting it redone though.

    Hope you're having a great week!

  16. I'm loving that closet!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! So glad you found me because I'm in love with your blog!

    xoxo Jenna

  17. That closet looks awesome, almost resembles a cute boutique. I'm loving that turquoise blouse!
    Thank you for visiting The Alegator Articles

  18. I totally just pinned that positive attitude pin on Pinterest the other day! It's my new philosophy for my job search! :)

    Love your blog.

  19. Love the monogramming :)


  20. yay!! glad your loving your bracelet! i love that mint shirt! ive never heard of that shop but they have some cute stuff!1
    have a great day girl!!

  21. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my page (:
    I love this post. You & I have similar tastes. Isn't it wonderful being a woman?! Haha

    Will subscribe (:

    XO - Savvy www.savannahsalinas@blogspot.com

    1. errr --- www.savannahsalinas.blogspot.com (idk why I always put an @. Too much emailing! lol)

  22. Thanks for stopping by my blog! This post has my style written all over it, especially those bracelets!

  23. That closet is WAY awesome! Love all of your pictures! :)


  24. What a sweet gift! Getting surprises in the mail is so awesome. I've been wanting to try those yogurt drops my girls would love them. Oh my goodness that closet!!

    Your wedding photos are amazing! You were a gorgeous bride and everything looks so perfect what a wonderful day that was.

    Thanks for following on twitter :)


  25. Absolutely love that outfit and all the monogramming! I think you're right, it's definitely a southern thing ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Just started following ya!

  26. Who doesn't love monograms, I know I do!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is super cute! :)

  27. I really like this whole list! The yogurt drops are so pretty but sound yummy too!!

  28. This list was awesome!! My nephew loves those yogurt things I should try makin them for him.

  29. so glad you started folling, and I'm so glad to be following right back! can't wait to keep on reading and getting to know you a little bit better! loved this post by the way!

  30. That elephant bracelet is too cute!

  31. That bracelet is seriously adorable!!! I LOVE it!!!

    Omg those yogurt chips!! MY roommate made something like that the other week and they were so refreshing!!

  32. Yogurt chips, yum!!
    Your blog is too cute!

  33. I love your bracelet from Amanda, so sweet. I really want to make yogurt chips. Yum!

  34. Love love love all these ideas doll


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