These are my favorite pants currently in my closet. I was getting dressed recently and I just really didnt want to wear the skinny jeans I've been wearing since high school. I felt like I needed to graduate from those and give slacks a shot.
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Forever Moto

Forever 21 moto jacket / express leggings / jcrew tee / nike sneakers / phillip lim sunglasses
I rarely, almost never, go to a shopping mall. I hate them!! I hate having to look through racks, try things on..just shopping altogether. I typically look through a lookbook and order something from it. However, I had to run into Sephora and walked past Forever 21, and saw this jacket from afar and it looked like a YSL one I saw on the runway, so I ran in, grabbed it and ran back out. I love it so much and now that I was trying to find it on the F21 website to link so you guys can shop it, I noticed they have so many amazing moto jackets for like $30! Amazinggg!

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Express leggings / bebe shoes (sold out) / lulus top / celine sunglasses
I recently began to embrace wearing tight things, as I used to primarily wear oversized ones..which I still love, but I like to give everything a try. Right now this olive green is my favorite color, and as we dive into Spring, I am becoming fond of yellow, but have yet to find a good yellow piece that isn't chicken like, but also not mustard. The struggle...
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Everyday Waves

This post is sponsored by TRESemme.

In the past three years, I've had every hair I can think of. Long, short, red, blonde, and I'm finally back to my natural color, and mid length. I think it's my favorite, and least complicated I've been with my hair in a while. I've settled into a effortless routine and I style my hair in this wavy, beach, loose style almost everyday, because it really is as effortless as it looks. I wash my hair with TRESemme Perfectly (un)done shampoo and conditioner, and I love how it gives it a little volume and texture. I then let it air dry, and quickly blow dry it with my head flipped over for extra volume. 
After that, I add a root lifter, ends moisturizer, shine enhancer in the middle, and finally, I mist it with heat protectant spray and let it dry for a couple minutes. The products thicken my hair some, and then I curl five strands on each side, and go through it with my fingers and lightly mist some hair spray. It takes about ten minutes, and I love the end result. 

For more hair inspiration and tutorials, visit www.youtube.com/TRESemme.

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