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I LOVE this dress. Not that I would wear something I don't truly love, but I favor this one. This length is one of '14 Fall's trends, and I am smitten. Though I am only 5'3, I still love where it hits me. I like pairing black and white with grey accessories, and these booties are a fun, edgy touch. 
When it cools down more, I will throw on a leather jacket for a more Fall-ish look. Shapeless is one of my favorite cuts, and this one nailed it. 



Tunic / Gucci Sunglasses / Madewell Sandals / Chanel Bag / Stila Balm "Isla"

I could wear this comfy-chic tunic every day of the week. I have been using this lipstick balm on my lips every day in this nude color, and I love how subtly it blends in. I was walking around in one of my favorite parts of South Beach, and was particularly taken by a tree that wasn't a palm tree. Naturally, we shot some pictures on our walk and I connected with the tree. I'm now ready for my African safari. 

In other news, these sunglasses have topped all others in obsession. I love how light they are, and how they add a touch of edge to everything I pair them with. They are Gucci and came from Smart Buy Glasses. This site has a huge selection of designer sunglasses at a great price, plus free shipping. This is not a sponsored post; I just wanted to share this gem with you! 



I value simplicity a lot. In the way I dress, what I purchase, and I like to think in my attitude as well. I like to keep around only the things I absolutely love. As a blogger, we get a lot "free" stuff. Initially, I thought I should just take it, because it was being gifted to me. But shortly into it, I realized, one, it's not free. Companies rightfully expect something in return. And two, just because it is an item to add to my wardrobe, doesn't imply it should be there. I don't have the biggest closet in the world for that reason. I could, but I choose not to, because I like to have at hand, items that I absolutely love. Things that I would notice are missing from my closet immediately. And when this romper came around, I knew it was a match made in heaven. 



I think lace is really pretty, but I don't own much of it, because it became so trendy after Kate Middleton wore that stunning Alexander McQueen wedding gown, that I felt it was over-worn. However, when I saw this delicate pattern, I thought it was perfect. 
I love having a variety of casual dresses I can throw on and go.  My dad got me this necklace on one of his trips overseas to Dubai, and I love how unique it is. For years, he worked overseas and we only got to see him a few days a month, and although we wouldn't trade having him home for anything, it was always fun to receive gifts from around the world. Chocolates from Belgium, pastries from France, scarfs from India, candy from China; it felt like I was getting a small part of his experiences from these unfamiliar places of the world. 



I got this French Connection dress alsmot six months ago, and I still haven't gotten around to wearing it a full day. When I got these grey booties, I immediately thought of it, and how it would compliment the grey flowers on the dress. I'm excited for bootie season! Which is all I will get in South Florida, since tall boots are a thing of dreams and fantasies. I will settle for these cool zipped up cuties though. JustFab has such a great selection of heels that are super affordable. I recommend a membership. 
The only thing about this dress- don't wear it to dinner. If you are stuffed, it has no room for dessert. I don't know how Kim K does it in her bodycons. 
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