Stuart Weitzman Heels sample sale at Sawgrass Mills Outlet / Lulus Dress / Forever 21 bracelet
These shoes find you fairy godmothers, pumping carriages, blue dresses, princes, and even a jealous stepsister. 
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Sneakers Galore

Style Mafia Shorts (on sale) / Lulus sweater  / Balenciaga bag /  Stila "olivia" lips / Nike sneakers
I love a good black and white ensemble, and this one comes to you from one of my friend's own line! So cool to wear something of hers. Style Mafia is local, and also online, and they have some extremely unique and affordable pieces! 
I have been on the hunt for black sneakers for a long time, and while I was at Sawgrass Mills the other day, I ran by the Nike outlet and found these on a major sale! Ever since I traveled to Vegas last month, my feet have been bleeding every so often due to the ungodly amount of blisters from heels and hard flats. Believe it or not, I get more blisters from my flats than I do from my heels. But knowing that I need to let my feet rest while they heal, these sneakers came at an opportune time, and boy have I gotten my use out of them. Suddenly I'm trying to convince myself that they rock with a cocktail dress. ;) 

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Sticking Out

Chicwish Skirt / Blue pumps / Gucci sunglasses / Stila "fiore" / Outfit on WEAR
I wore this getup to a charity event last week, where most people were three times my senior and wearing black. I had no problem sticking out like a sore thumb in my floral, pink and poofy skirt. I also posted it on WEAR, which I've been using for Inspiration, as it is a shoppable lookbook where users can get inspired from styles created by the community, and international trendsetters; as well as being able to shop the looks. You can post a photo of your outfit, make it shoppable by selecting what you're wearing, and it will show you how other women around the world styled those items. The community also helps you shop/style, so if you post an item, people can vote and comment. (Which I love for when I'm shopping solo).They are partnered with Nylon Magazine too, so by signing up, you not only can get inspired/shop on the site, but post your own looks and have the chance to be featured with a blogger on NYLON next month! 

Thanks to WEAR for bringing this post to The Chiffon Diary. All opinions are my own. 

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Getting Lucky & a Visa Giveaway

Style Mafia Top / Style Mafia Pants / Gucci sunglasses / Gucci Handbag
Do you ever just feel like the stars aligned in your favor? Well, I prefer to call that being blessed by God, but in any case, I struck a chord of perfection while spending my Saturday at Sawgrass Mills. Let me clue you in if you're not around from these South Florida parts, or if you are, but for whatever reason don't know about this treasure island. You see, Sawgrass Mills is a luxury outlet mall, home to the likes of Stuart Weitzman outlet, Jimmy Choo outlet, Barney's New York outlet, Kate Spade outlet, Tory Burch outlet, Gucci outlet, Theory outlet, Burberry, Prada, David Yurman, Ferragamo, Neiman Marcus ….you name it, it's there. So here I am, popping in and out of these goodness casas when I got lucky. More so at the Gucci and Stuart Weitzman outlets. What happened here was…Stuart Weitzman just presented their Spring '15 collection, and it so happens that they sent over all of their size 6 samples to the only Weitzman outlet left standing (at Sawgrass Mills); and as favor would have it, the samples arrived at the same time as I did. These samples, that haven't even hit stores yet, were $109! When they hit stores, the same shoes will retail upwards of $500. I was thrilled; needless to say. 
If you're a resident or even just visiting, this is one place I highly recommend. And Sawgrass Mills is giving a $100 visa card to one of my awesome local readers who leaves a comment presenting their reason to win! The giftcard must be picked up on location, at Sawgrass Mills. 
Good luck! xo
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lululemon jacket / lululemon pants / lululemon sports bra / lulu lemon top ℅ / nike sneakers ray ban sunglasses via sunglasses shop 
Photos by Danica Nicole Photography
I kid you not, this is my favorite outfit. Scratch all the damn heels that have torn my feet apart, given me numerous scars and made me look like a fool from eating it. This is the first "fashionable" work out outfit I've ever owned, and I'm a lululemoner for life. When I moved out of my apartment a month ago, I didn't know what I wanted to do about working out, since the gym I went to was in the building I lived in. I wasn't sure I wanted to join a stand alone gym, as I know myself, and I would go for a month and then stop. I have considered a pilates studio (hello abs), and I try to make it to free yoga at the park weekly. However, since living here, I've enjoyed the residential feel of the neighborhood, and going on morning runs before work has become quite enjoyable. And now that I am geared in Lululemon, this gives me all the encouragement I ever needed to be healthy and fit. Thanks, lululemon. We're all in this together. ;) 

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